Sunday, December 27, 2009

The potency of the original wisdom

The TAROT represents a complicated astrological machine, requiring a manual. That manual is necessary in order to explain how to take advantage of the machine, how to achieve both material and spiritual growth. The manual illuminates its components, their hidden interrelationships, and what to do and what not to do while operating within the system. Reclaiming the Lost TAROT is an organized effort to present the system in written form in line with its original meanings and understandings; this treatise is testimony to the potency of the original wisdom underpinning it, in particular, to the potency of the Major Arcana.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fragmentation and seeing the total picture

Karma and destiny are interconnected, subtle, and profound subjects. Experienced wisdom can become spiritually progressive as well, once you realize the key to understanding and acting upon the knowledge of a horoscope. Astrological enlightenment entails the extinction of everything that obscures the science of sidereal reality.

Desiring to transcend fragmentation in order to see the total picture unites all the particulars in the study of any chart. You want to see it uncolored by your own personal preferences and desires; you want to see it in detail as well as in its own pristine simplicity. Astrological study is meant to eliminate vague, aimless, and unclear thinking at their very roots, because this art is not supposed to be some kind of decorative embellishment.

Master the art of living by mastering the sacred science of sidereal astrology. The subject is complex, but it is only made more so by harboring so many unnecessary complexities in your mind. Self-exploration goes hand-in-hand with the study of the sidereal science; follow a straight line to your objective.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The mysterious code has been broken

The mysterious code hidden amongst letters of the Western alphabet, numbers, and astrological lords has now been broken, quite possibly for the first time in the West. Still, it is not accurate to call what I am presenting for the first in the Advanced Primer of Sidereal Astrology a new system. Instead, I propose that this constitutes the discovery of an ever-present system. Since this book is an astrological treatise, the relation of planets to numbers must also be presented in a table near the end of this chapter.

We live in a civilization where numbers and letters surround us. Our commerce is dependent upon them, as well as our calendar, our weather forecasts, and our financial well-being. Still, there is a mystery to them, especially when astrological correlations are considered. Now, for the first time, a detailed explanation of the numerological and astrological values of the letters of the Western alphabet is being explained in my Advanced Primer of Sidereal Astrology.

You will find this presentation both accessible and sensible; it should attract your intelligence. It is absolutely logical, and that is part of my method. We are throwing light on the Western alphabet in terms of its permanent relationship with Sanskrit vowels and consonants. Sanskrit is the original language. You should be able to grasp the code with some intellectual acumen. If you deem it (decoding of the hidden relationship amongst the letters, numbers, and astrological lords) only esoteric theory, check your premises. We present practical applications. You can act upon any of them, usually without too much difficulty.

You do not need to wander around in a sea of mental speculation in order to take advantage of and fully understand this discovery. The system will change your ideas about numerology in relation to our Western alphabet. It is dynamic and will attract magnetic center. It will not take a great deal of brainpower in order to decode for yourself the actual values of the twenty-six letters of the Western alphabet we use every day.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kala Purusha started

KALA PURUSHA PUBLICATIONS was officially started with Venus exalted in lagna, along with a favorable muhurtha and other excellent astrological influences. There were delays and disappointments embedded in the chart. This publishing house is a unique contribution to the mystical section of humanity in that it transcends all mundane or dark objectives. The specific and unique standard of these publications is the transmission of occult knowledge that distinguishes reality from illusion for your personal benefit.

The intentional price structure of all these publications is at the lower spectrum. This will alienate some people, but we cannot be concerned about that. In order to facilitate every occultist, whether rich or poor, the price of each book has been made reasonable. Rather than produce a sophisticated treatise, loaded with op. cits, et. als, ibids, and footnotes, these publications are short, simple, and direct. In many if not all cases, just one paragraph of knowledge contained within any given book—and all the books are loaded with these kinds of paragraphs--is alone worth the full cover price and much more.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Interview with J.K. Goodwin:

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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Sidereal astrology is not supposed to be a psychic reading; for those who are attracted to that, there are many psychics available in the marketplace. Sidereal astrology is, instead, based upon astro-text (shastra) and intelligence (buddhi), combined with experience. A competent astrologer consults the Vedic texts that he considers the best, applies their rules, and employs his intelligence and judgment in order to make clear communication to his client, in terms of individual analysis.

There are any number of astrological texts (some with rather fancy Sanskrit titles) supposedly created by esteemed seers from lore, but, in Integrated Occult Studies, we emphasize only two of them: The Brihat Parashara Hora (BHP) and the Brihaj-jataka of Varahamihira. Of the two, the Brihaj-jataka is given pride of place, and there are reasons for this.

First of all, BHP is fifty centuries old, i.e., there has been a great deal of time for interpolation to have entered into it, as well as outright change and censorship (parts culled out). Over and above this, there is an excellent English translation available that includes word-for-word transliteration and commentary. That edition is immensely helpful, although it does contain some errors here and there. The various English translations of BHP are a bit suspect, because the transliteration is not presented in them.

To be more specific--and as an example--there are many different systems for determining individual length of life presented in BHP, and every one of them (but one) requires painstaking calculation. After making all of these computations, they produce different results. We could list all of these methods, but doing so at this time would only serve to divert attention from what needs to be conveyed here.

All of them-all of them but one, that is-calculate length of life to an exact number of years, months, and days. The one that does not do this is called vimshottari, and it is very popular. It is probable that you have heard it. Actually, vimshottari (the 120 year cycle) and ashtottari (the 108 year cycle) are, in many respects, almost identical, so they both can be listed under one heading: Vimshottari. We do not know of any Western sidereal astrologers who are using ashtottari at this time, although it is certainly possible some may be employing it. In the vimshottari system, which is very simple, you do not attain a certain length of life after computation. For more on all of this, we invite you to purchase Advanced Primary of Sidereal Astrology from the website.