Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fragmentation and seeing the total picture

Karma and destiny are interconnected, subtle, and profound subjects. Experienced wisdom can become spiritually progressive as well, once you realize the key to understanding and acting upon the knowledge of a horoscope. Astrological enlightenment entails the extinction of everything that obscures the science of sidereal reality.

Desiring to transcend fragmentation in order to see the total picture unites all the particulars in the study of any chart. You want to see it uncolored by your own personal preferences and desires; you want to see it in detail as well as in its own pristine simplicity. Astrological study is meant to eliminate vague, aimless, and unclear thinking at their very roots, because this art is not supposed to be some kind of decorative embellishment.

Master the art of living by mastering the sacred science of sidereal astrology. The subject is complex, but it is only made more so by harboring so many unnecessary complexities in your mind. Self-exploration goes hand-in-hand with the study of the sidereal science; follow a straight line to your objective.

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